Bright apricot.

Pops of neon blue.

Waves of green.

Vibrant everything.

And YOU, illuminating it all. 

It's a wildly fun, all-or-nothing, bold, brazen, all-out, adventure-laden experience, akin to the likes of a magazine shoot. At least it'll feel like you're in one, anyway.  A magazine shoot with the lens focused directly on you...On your fire. On your swank. And on your punch drunk love for living.  Because the colors in her photos aren't the only things that pop—you do. Right alongside them.  From sunny California (where I live!) to Puerto Vallarta, from Europe to the world at large, the places where I photographs weddings inform my photography just as much as the couple themselves.

The end result?  A brilliant, unmatched combination of people and places, hearts and havens, souls and surroundings, and sentiment and scenery, making my clients look like works of art among the wildest settings of the world—from nature-inspired to cement-covered.

I have developed my entire career around a combination of environmental and lifestyle photography.  I treat the context as its own subject—I'll be working to include the funky orange wall behind your hotel, the dunes on the beach, or whatever makes your location special so that your photographs have a sense of place.  And documentary photography...that means I run with you wherever you do—into the ocean and all!--and snap live shots as they happen. They're real moments, instead of staged ones. Real smiles, instead of forced ones. 

:: The bashful look on Grandpa Bill's face when he sees the bride for the first time. 

:: What happens when five manly men try to pin a pink flower on themselves. 

:: The laugh-out-loud moment when you nearly trip over your train—and almost land head first into the cake. Before it's cut. 

:: The face she makes when your college roommate chokes up, mid-speech. 

:: And maybe even a few shots catching Uncle Bob sneakily dipping back into the punch bowl.

These aren't just moments; they're the tender, delicate little folds of time that, together, make up the minutes that make up the hours that make up your entire wedding day—and everything that this day will mean for you from that point forward. (Hint: Keep a set of spare sheets ready for the in-laws!)

When it comes to photographs of the bride and groom together, I prefer to prompt my couples rather than pose them in order to capture your expressions as you interact with one another, whether it's during a walk on the beach or a quiet cuddle away from the rest of the guests. 

My favorite part of all? The post-wedding shoot. Now that you've had a chance to come down from the commotion, you'll be even more relaxed—a perfect opportunity to go play outside, and have the lens soak up that newly wed high you'll surely be rockin'. Optional, of course, but—why miss a chance to throw your soulmate into the ocean?

At the end of the (big) day, I'm so honored to do what I do. I love the emotions, the details, the colors, the dancing, the party and the play, but most of all, I love creating images of my couples that will forever mark their happy-go-lucky lovestruck hearts, as they start their journey together. (In other words, you may just remember me for a lifetime. I will do my best to have good hair.) 

More than anything, though, it's about getting the shot. The one that you'll forever flip through your wedding album and stop to finger; the one you'll blow up for a future anniversary; the one that will remind you of how it all got started; the one that'll make you laugh and cry all at the same time some day.

Maybe there'll be one. Maybe there'll be 100. But it's my goal to make sure that you don't just have a photographer; you have a diligent memory collector. One by one, I'll get them for you, as you twirl around on the dance floor, without a care in the world. 

Because, really, when you're in love...there isn't. 

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