You know the traditional formal living room—the one that no one uses? The one that looks like it was designed as a seating arrangement—and not so much for actual sitting?  The room that looks overposed. Overstiff. Overdone. And back-breakingly uncomfortable. (Ouch!)

Too often, that's what traditional photography ends up looking like, too: Posed. Stiff. Overdone. And unnaturally uncomfortable. 

And when those are the conditions, the photos can't turn out well. There you are, reluctantly participating in a human Jenga game, as your husband steps on your big toe, your leg is cramping up, a mosquito is gnawing into your shoulder and you're trying to hide all of it while forcing a smile.  Maaaybe not your best look. Wink. 

Which is why I've developed my entire career around a hybrid of environmental and lifestyle photography, instead. That means I run with you wherever you do—into the lake and all!--and snap live shots as they happen. They're real moments, instead of staged ones. Real smiles, instead of forced ones. 

:: Your son's beaming excitement as he chases a frog down the sidewalk

:: Your husband as he lifts your beaming, laughing toddler into the air

:: You and your fiancé, laughing together as you stroll on the beach

:: The way she looks up at you as you hold her in your arms and caress her hair  

These aren't just moments; they're the tender, delicate little folds of time that, together, make up the minutes that make up the hours that make up your life—and everything that means to you. 

I won't pose you; I'll prompt you. It'll be fun. Spontaneous. Impromptu. Low-key. Laughter-filled. And most of all, genuine. And tell your kids that we'll play games (because we will!).  

I'll tease out the soft-spoken glances, the unbridled giggles, the quiet moments we often keep in our minds, but don't have in our frames

The moments you feel—but don't think anyone else sees—are the moments I'll snap for you. Whether you're with your family, with your significant other, or getting your solo portrait on, the best photograph is captured when we let our guard down, and let the lens see beyond 2D...straight to the soul

And if you're a teen or a tween and you're ready for a senior portrait or 8th grade portrait (or any other portrait in between)?  I'll prompt you (and do a little posing, too), but it will all happen in a relaxed, natural manner.  No awkward poses!  Instead, we'll focus on you and who you are at this moment in time.


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